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“Sameness” was “Safeness”

Since the beginning of time, humans have used any means necessary to dominate each other. It was a means of acquiring power, control, and securing resources. The truth of the matter was that you couldn’t be neutral in the game of life, because if you sat quietly, you could fall prey to another group of humans. That was the way the game of life had to be played, and our reptilian brain was prepared for it. We could quickly identify “different”, and either destroy it or control it.  – “Answers From Within” Chapter 8-Dividing and Conquering, Survival of the Fearful, Page 141. Book Link

Sometimes in order to make sense of things we have to look at the big picture.  In this time of turmoil around race and racism in the world, it is important to look at how humans have moved through time as a race. As challenging as the current circumstances are, there is reason to be hopeful.

For most of human existence, we lived in a state of survival, which was significantly based on physical appearance.  It was the most basic thing we could rely on.  Looking the same was safe, and it was a way of forming teams.

It was also, what everyone on the Planet did.  There were no innocents.

The current racial circumstances in America, which currently serve as a world stage to reflect human consciousness, is in part a battle between our primordial instinct to live differentiating based on physical appearance, and our evolutionary trend towards a level where we exist on the Planet beyond physical appearances.  So, we are experiencing a battle for the consciousness of humanity.  The question is where we each are in this process.


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